Basketball vector tutorial in Corel Draw

Basketball vector tutorial in Corel Draw

Tutorial details:

  • Program: CorelDraw X6
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

Today you will learn a nice technique about how to create a basketball vector in Corel Draw. We will use for this tutorial the Transparency Tool, Gradients, Smart Fill Tool, Mirror, the Fish Eye effect and much more.




Source file: .cdr


Basketball vector – Step 1

First we need to create the workspace. Create a New Document, type a name and select the pixel units with the size 600 width and 600 height. Select the rendering resolution to 72 dpi. Then select the options from the top menu: Windows -> Toolbars like in the screenshot.


Select the View Mode to Enhanced from the View drop down menu and the Snap to Objects option.



Step 2

Select the Ellipse Tool (F7) from the Toolbox and draw a circle (270 x 270 px). Create another copy of this circle and move to the left or right with 190 px. Select the left circle and set the Outline Pen from the Toolbox to 8 px.



Step 3

Select the left circle and apply Convert Outline to Object (Ctrl + Shift + Q). Now select the circle from the right and move To Front of Page (Ctrl + Home). With the Smart Fill tool from the Toolbox click in the black area like in the second step from the screenshot. Delete the left circle. Now select the both objects and create another copy. With these selected use the Mirror horizontally button from the Property Bar. You will have now two overlapping circles, delete one of them.



Step 4

We need to create the next two bars and we will use the same technique. The difference will be only the position and the size of the circle (216 x 618 px). Arrange it like in the first screenshot. After you get the first bar, select both, the circle and the bar (like in the third screenshot) and rotate it with 90 degree.



Step 5

Center all the objects like in the first screenshot. Select all without the circle and hit Weld (this will create only one object). Remove the Outline from this new created object and set the fill color to R(18)G(19)B(21). Then remove the Outline from the circle and set the fill color to R(255)G(102)B(0).



Step 6

In this step we will create the basketball texture. Create a circle (3 x 3 px) and select Step and Repeat from the Edit -> Step and Repeat (Ctrl + Shift + D). Select the options like in the first screenshot and you will create first fifty circles horizontally. Then select all this circles and create another fifty copies vertically.



Step 7

Fill the colors to all circles with black and remove the Outline. We need to create only one object from this circles. For this will use the Weld function. Select some dots, but not too much (depends by your computer performance, because the program can enter in not responding) and hit Weld. Repeat this steps until you will have only one object.



Step 8

Overlap the orange circle with the dots. From the Menu bar select Window -> Dockers -> Lens (Alt + F3). Select the orange circle and apply the Fish Eye effect with the option like in the second screenshot. Then select the new created object and hit Ctrl + U (Ungroup). Will result more objects. Select only the dots and delete the objects behind them.



Step 9

Overlap the dots with the orange circle and then apply the Transparency only for the dots. Use the settings from the second screenshot.



Step 10

Create another circle (270 x 270 px) and apply the Fountain Fill (F11) from the Toolbox like in the screenshot.



Step 11

Overlap the sphere created at step 10 with the orange circle and the dots. Apply Transparency only to the gray circle with the settings from the second screenshot.



Step 12

Now overlap the black object with the previous one and your result already look like a basketball. We only will need to apply the reflection.



Step 13

For the reflection we will create a small white rectangle (7 x 50 px). Convert this one To Curves (Ctrl + Q) and then select the Shape tool (F10), select all four nodes and right mouse click -> To Curves. Edit the nodes like in the third screenshot.



Step 14

Apply the Fountain Fill (F11) like in the next screenshot.



Step 15

Apply the Transparency effect for the previous object with the settings from the screenshot. Create another copy of this reflection and adjust the node to match with the second reflection. Then apply the Transparency settings from the screenshot for this new reflection.


And this is the final vector Basketball tutorial result. Thank you for your time!



Source file: .cdr

Author: coreldrawtuts

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