Corel Draw logo tutorial

Corel Draw logo tutorial

Tutorial details:

  • Program: CorelDraw X6
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

In this Corel Draw logo tutorial I will design a photography logo and also I will try to get you familiar with the design process of a logo. So, let’s think that we need to create a new identity for a company. First of all, before to start the design process, you must to get all the information that you need from your client.

I will try to list some of them:

Ask your client what is the exact field of activity of his company, how old is the business, the company history, about the future plans and so on.

What is the exact name that he want to appear in the logo. For example can be the full name of the company or can be represented in a stylish manner, only with the initials.

Ask if he find something representatives that differentiate his company from his competitors.

About the area in which he want to use the logo. The logo can be used in areas like web, stationery, television, outdoor and so on.

Also you can ask him how he want to look his company logo (colors, typeface, symbols, corporate or warm, etc). Maybe he want to be represented by animals, for example lyon means strength, horse means grace, courage and speed and so on.

And finally, regarding to this  information you can start creating your sketch.

In our case we will create a photography logo in Corel Draw.



Logo tutorial – Step 1

As usual we will create the workspace. Select from the Menu, File -> New for creating a New Document. Set the options like in the screenshot and give to your project a name.


Now select from the View -> Enhanced and the Snap to Objects (Alt + Z) option.



Step 2

From the Toolbox select the Rectangle tool (F6) and draw two rectangles with the dimensions from the screenshot (85×43 px, 11×4 px). Select this two rectangles and from the Property bar set the Outline to 1.5 px (write from your keyboard this value). Note! The Outline will be rounded to 2 px but will have 1.5 px. Then select the Ellipse tool (F7) and draw two circles (56×56 px, 44×44 px). For the big one select again the Outline to 1.5 px and for the second one fill the circle with the black color and set the Outline to No Outline (right-click with your mouse on the ‘X’ in the color palette).



Step 3

Select the big rectangle and from the Menu select Window -> Dockers -> Fillet/Scallop/Chamfer and apply the Fillet effect with the Radius 2 px. For this effect you can also read Icons vector tutorial in Corel Draw. For the small rectangle you need to apply the Fillet only for the top two nodes. For doing this you need to hit Ctrl + Q (Convert to curves) and then select the Shape tool (F10) from the Toolbox, select the top two nodes and apply the Fillet effect with the same Radius (2 px). Arrange the rectangles like in the second screenshot.



Step 4

Select the big circle (56 x 56 px) and arrange it like in the first screenshot. Hold Shift, select the circle, then the big rectangle and hit Trim from the Property bar. You can learn more about the Trim option in the Shaping Tools tutorial. Now select all this objects (without the black circle) and hit Ctrl + Shift + Q (Convert Outline to Object). Center the black circle with the big one and we already have the camera.



Step 5

In this step we will create the text for the logo. From the Toolbox select the Text tool (F8) and write your text. In our case we will write ‘Smart shoot’. Select from the Property bar the font that you want to use for your logo. We will choosing for this example the Segoe UI font. Set the size to 31 pt and Bold. Now we will decrease the space between letters. Select the text, hit F10 (Shape tool) and drag the arrow to the left until you are satisfied with the result. Now select the text and hit Ctrl + K (Break curve apart). Select the ‘shoot’ text and adjust the settings like in the sixth screenshot (the font, the size and unbold). Now select this text and move up to the ‘Smart’ text and put the camera to the left.


And this is the finally result for this Corel draw logo tutorial.


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  1. easy and cool tutorials…………………….

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  2. Smart, efficient way of designing. Never thought this could have been done in CDR so easily. Please post more tuts on CDR, there are hardly a few good tuts available in the web world.

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  3. I followed this tutorial and made my first logo. Thank you so much for it! It was very well explained and easy to follow even by an absolute beginner.

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  4. Nice Tutorial. . . it’s so clear :)
    I’m also have video tutorial but just for beginner, i;m follow your tutorial for upgrade my skills :)

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