iPad vector drawing in Corel Draw

iPad vector drawing in Corel Draw

Tutorial details:

  • Program: CorelDraw X6
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can draw an iPad vector using shapes and transparency effect in Corel Draw. You can use this technique to create other iPads or phone models.

iPad vector preview


Source File Format: .cdr .ai .png (2975 x 4404)


iPad vector – Step 1

In this step we need to configure the workspace. This is the same like the first step from this Icons vector tutorial.

Step 2

Select from the Toolbox the Rectangle Tool (F6) and draw three rectangles with the dimensions from the screenshot. For center them you can use the shortcuts keyboard C (center horizontally) and E (center vertically). For doing this you must hold Shift, select the first rectangle (330 x 439 px), then the second (367 x 544 px) and hit C and E. For the small one you can center horizontally with the big one and then draw a temporary rectangle (the red one) and center it vertically. If you want to understand better the align in Corel draw you can read this Corel Draw tutorials.

iPad vector2


Step 3

Select from the Toolbox the Ellipse Tool (F7) and draw two circles (7 x 7 px, 30 x 30 px). You can center the big circle with the small rectangle like in the previous step and for the small one you can draw again a temporary rectangle for center it vertically.

iPad vector3


Step 4

In this step we need to apply Fillet effect to round the corners. Select it from the Menu, Windows -> Dockers -> Fillet/Scallop/Chamfer and apply the Fillet effect for the big rectangle (Radius 26 px) and for the small one (Radius 2 px).

iPad vector4


Step 5

Select the big rectangle and from the Property bar set the Outline to 4 px. Now with the rectangle selected, hit Ctrl+Shift+Q to Convert Outline to object (if you have No Fill for the rectangle, the resulted object will be only the Outline).

iPad vector5


Step 6

Now take only the 4 px Outline, select from the Toolbox the Smart Fill tool and hit inside the rectangle.

iPad vector6


Step 7

Select the Fill area and set the Outline to 1 px and the color to R(18)G(18)B(18). Now hit Ctrl+Shift+Q (Convert Outline to object).

iPad vector7


Step 8

Set the Fill color for the blue area to black (R(0)G(0)B(0)). Create a new temporary rectangle (the red one) and use again the Smart fill tool like in the screenshot.

iPad vector8


Step 9

Select the Shape tool (F10), then the new created area and select the right-bottom node. Hold Ctrl and drag it to the left until you are satisfied with the result.

iPad vector9


Step 10

Set the Fill color to white and from the Toolbox select the Transparency tool. Drag with your mouse from the top to the bottom and apply the settings from the screenshot  (the settings are located in the Property bar).

iPad vector10


Step 11

Select the color for the top circle to R(26)G(26)B(26). Create another two circles (6 x 6 px – black, 7 x 7 px – white). Apply the Transparency effect for the white circle with the settings from the screenshot and then overlap the circles from the left to the right. Then follow the steps from the second screenshot for creating the button.

iPad vector11


Step 12

In this step we will create the display details. You have all the steps in the next image.

iPad vector12


Step 13

Now we need to add some reflection for our iPad vector. Create two rectangles (in our image see the red rectangles) and then select the Smart Fill Tool and click in the area between the rectangles like in the first image. Select the new created object, Fill it with white color and apply Linear Transparency from the Toolbox (see the second screenshot). Now create a new small white rectangle and Convert it To Curves (Ctrl+Q). Select the Shape tool (F10), select all the nodes and right-click -> To curve. Now adjust the nodes like in the fourth screenshot and then apply the Linear Transparency effect. Repeat this steps for all the corners.

iPad vector13


And this is my final iPad vector result :)

iPad vector


Source File Format: .cdr .ai .png (2975 x 4404)

Author: coreldrawtuts

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  1. Really nice, clear and easily understandable tutorial. Thanks.
    I translated this tutorial to my blog and put the source credit. some tutorial is also available on my blog. http://citoela.wordpress.com/

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    • I’m glad to see that you liked :) It’s ok to translate if you mention the source. Thanks!

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  2. Hi..I came across this tutorial. It is nice and easy but only one thing is difficult to understand, that is how do you select the fill area to create another outline for the fillet done rectangle? Please help.

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    • Hi,
      In the step 6 you will use the Smart fill tool and you will get a new object (the blue one). Then in step7 select it and set the Outline to 1 px. With this selected hit Ctrl+Shift+Q (Convert Outline to objects) and you will get two objects (one of them will be the second rounded outline). If you need any help please contact me :)

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